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Preface to the English Guest Blog

As mentioned here – every Monday is now owned to the „By Royal Appointment Guest Blog“ post. And it is an English Guest Blog!

This is something we will be doing every Monday and each week we will be welcoming a different designer from my friends of the amazing team of the Royal Stampers. This group of highly talented crafters is kind enough to take me under their wings. And I have the great honor of writing the first post!

English Guest Blog
English Guest Blog

To make it easier for my German readers and friends, I will recycle blog-posts, so I can always provide you with the link to the original post.

So, let’s get started!

One of the things all of my friends know about me: I’m a self-confessed non-cook. But – and this is thanks to Mary Berry and the blue-eyed silver-back – from time to time I like to bake. My mental trick is to see it not as cooking but as crafting food. In addition, one can put crafting and baking very well together. By that one can even make muffin tops look really pretty.

Ok, maybe not the kind of muffin tops you get after eating the muffins. I’m talking about small, hand-crafted decoration on the muffins. I usually do that by stamping and punching the sentiment and then sticking them on a toothpick or longer wooden skewers with a colored layer by using a hot glue gun.

The sentiments I used can be bought in March (and only in March!) – I really love them! Esp. since the sentiments work so well together, frond and back belong to each other. And the muffins needed the extra chocolate on top that wasn’t mentioned in the recipe as sprinkles on the top, because adulting is hard. That is also the reason I didn’t make 12 small but 6 big muffins. I like my muffins like I like my men: big and sweet 🙂

Please find here the link to my Online Shop where you can find more information and order craft products 24/7:

The German version of my article can be found here:

Und ganz wichtig für alle, die gerade überlegen, etwas zu kaufen: es ist SALE-A-BRATION Zeit mit 3 super Vorteilen von Anfang Januar bis Ende März! Ein Klick auf den Link erklärt alle Vorteile. Aber Achtung, Ende März ist alles vorbei – in der Seitenleiste findest Du bis Ende März den Tageszähler. Beeile Dich, es ist nicht mehr viel Zeit und einiges ist auch schon ausverkauft!

Falls Du Dich für die Produkte von Stampin‘ up! interessierst UND neben anderen Vorteilen die Produkte regelmässig günstiger bestellen möchtest – hier habe ich die wichtigsten Fragen dazu beantwortet.

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