Guestblog: Ph.D.

You don’t need a PHD, Ph.D or doctorate to now realize that Monday belongs to the „By Royal Appointment Guest Blog“ post. This is something we will be doing every Monday and each week we will be welcoming a different designer from our amazing team, the Royal Stampers. 

Today it’s me with reasons for a celebration:

There are many reasons for a celebration, not just birthdays or anniversaries. I love to gratulate on achievements as well. It doesn’t have to be a PhD, it can also be just the kindergarten graduation. Although I have to admit that I have no idea what one has to do to graduate from kindergarten, a Lego tower higher than 40 cm? No need for a nap anymore? If the latter should be the important exam, I wish, I’d never left 😉

But I digress. I wanted to show my latest gratulation card. 


The hat is a simple square of 9 cm by 9 cm. I pierced a little hole in the middle and put a bit of bakers’ twine through this. The tassel is quickly done with a little bit of black card stock, just cut in the fringes with you snips. I used Teat & Tape as adhesive for the tassel as it is really clean and easy to apply.

Two effects make this card more special: I embossed the sentiment directly on the cardstock. I love the shimmer, one can read it well, but it does not overpower the hat. I wanted the hat to really “hover” on the card, so I did not only use Dimensionals, but I doubled them to enhance the effect.

Dimensionale – details

What I would like to add to the PhD

Natürlich die Materialliste mit Link auf alle Artikel in meinem Shop. Und mit einem Klick auf die Beschreibung kann die Ware problemlos online bestellt und Dir direkt nach Hause geschickt werden!

Falls Du Dich für die Produkte von Stampin‘ up! interessierst UND neben anderen Vorteilen die Produkte regelmässig mindestens 20% günstiger bestellen möchtest – hier habe ich die wichtigsten Fragen dazu beantwortet. Ganz wichtig dabei: es ist absolut OK, das nur für sich selbst zu tun. Du brauchst keine Kundinnen, keine Webseite – nur Spaß an den Produkten von Stampin‘ up! Worauf wartest Du noch? 🙂

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